Thursday, 24 November 2011

My first demo reel .. i am very nervous to post it on the web ,
my reel hope u  like it  :)

Sher khan 

First i was going  to  make the character  and  background according to the reference , but then  thought i should put my own creative  ideas into it , so i decided to make a night scene with wine bottles around him in his ship on a  nice blue moon night ,celebrating his victory .

For the final render i made 4-6 k textures depending upon the size of the object in the scene , i used v-ray as my render engine  , z brush and Photoshop for texture painting and Headus u.v layout for doing the u.vs

my main reference
artwork of a wonder full artist Deniszilber
link to his blog

Lighting Passes

Matt Passes

 canvas shoes

While putting the shoe in the shelf my  attention went to its small details , rich texture and  other things which could be worked on if it was made in 3d.
i learned several thing during the process like stamp creation  ,optimizing mesh subdivision

z brush document capture

Custom alpha