Friday, 13 July 2012

Intro  Computer Learning Series

Sequence 01 from arsalanali on Vimeo.

Computer Basics 20 Downloading Movies

Computer Basics 21  Reading Newspaper

Computer Basics 22 Password Lagana

Computer Basics 22 Adhan software

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

zbrush introduction

zbrush introduction 07 tool pallet initialize

zbrush introduction 08 stroke pallet PART A

zbrush introduction 09 stroke pallet PART B

zbrush introduction 010 transform pallet

zbrush introduction 011 custom brush PART A

zbrush introduction 012 custom brush PART B

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Monday, 5 March 2012

vray proxies in maya part 01 (in hindi)

vray proxies in maya part 02 (in hindi)

                                       zbrush r2  comprehensive introduction 

hi , i have tried to share my knowledge of z brush  , this is only introduction of z brush tool palette , i plan to record more of it and and will try to cover all the wonderful features that  z brush has .

z brush introduction 01/6 ( in hindi )



z brush introduction 02/6 ( in hindi )





z brush introduction 03/6 ( in hindi )



z brush introduction 04/6 ( in hindi )



z brush introduction 05/6 ( in hindi )



z brush introduction 06/6 ( in hindi )




vray lights (in hindi)



vray lights 02  (in hindi)



vray material wrapper (in hindi)




vray material blend (in hindi )




       vray  in maya tutorials   (hindi )

Finding vray nodes in maya (in hindi) 



vray render setting (in hindi)



Saturday, 11 February 2012

Zbrush- Topogun- uvlayout- Maya

                                                    zbrush topogun uvlayout part 01

zbrush topogun uvlayout part 02

In this video we'll see how we can take a high poly mesh from z brush or any other sculpting program to topogun , where mesh can be retopologize , then to uv layout to lay u.vs for the mesh ,from there to maya where we'll merge and copy u.vs , and finally back to z brush with high poly details .