My Work

modelling ,texturing, lighting DemoReel from arsalanali on Vimeo.

First i was going  to  make the character  and  background according to the reference , but then  thought i should put my own creative  ideas into it , so i decided to make a night scene with wine bottles around him in his ship on a  nice blue moon night ,celebrating his victory .

For the final render i made 4-6 k textures depending upon the size of the object in the scene , i used v-ray as my render engine  , z brush and Photoshop for texture painting and Headus u.v layout for doing the u.vs

my main reference
artwork of a wonder full artist Deniszilber
link to his blog
Mountain ork 

I did this image for a challenge on cg society .. "armed and dangerous" ,which was originally a Mudbox challenge .. i started the model in Mudbox but after a while i came back to my native         z brush , i thought it would be unfair to submit my entry in that challenge but learning Mudbox was a great experience for me as i came across many cool tools that mud-box had to offer .
and concept art was by Karl Kopinski.

Original concept art by  Karl Kopinski

zbrush View Port 

zbrush View Port 02

Renderpass 01

Renderpass 02

Early concept design helped me by my friend "Sandeep bhai  "

 canvas shoes

While putting the shoe in the shelf my  attention went to its small details , rich texture and  other things which could be worked on if it was made in 3d.

i learned several thing during the process like stamp creation  ,optimizing mesh subdivision

and all the texture for the model are hand painted .. no photo reference were used ..

z brush document capture

Custom Alpha maps 

a short project of vector painting which i did for my friends .. 

Audi r5

Man Posing

Snoiii lighting

* original model is from Evermotion i did my lighting practice on it in mental ray ... although shader and every thing was for max-vray .

I was just surfing the net when i saw that cg tantra was organizing a challenge to give tribute to ILM ( industrial lights and magic ) , for the wonderful work which they have done in past,  it was my first ever competition on any forum or site  i want able to win the competition but still the memories , and the experience which i got from there is  beyond explanation

Some of the wok in progress images

Maya view port .. it was a quite hi rez. mesh , as i  have decimated and exported many of the sub tools,  like a flesh piece which was hanging on his coat and ,

I majorly used z sphere for the creation of sea mesh as it is extremely very fast and non destructive way of visualizing how the mesh would look in the end and we can adjust the topology also :)

Snail created using z brush

Plant mesh created using radial radial transformation option

Rotten flesh mesh decimated (Maya view port )

Stone mesh created using z sphere then  using noise deformation to put the details on

 render passes 

Tender zen

One of my early car models (camaro gt)

Fall of monarch 
i wanted to depict that era when women were not given there rights and society was male dominant and was mainly ruled by monarch and king , so i wanted to portray that now time is changing and women are also getting there rights and are playing a active role in society .


vue jungle shot 

Vue R&D
Vue R&D

Small test 

Inspiration from transformer

the wonderful site
this is one of those image which holds a special position in my heart